Duke Health Care

Hi everyone!

As you all know, I moved to Raleigh, North Carolina recently and I got into Duke University Hospital for care. I have been establishing care with endocrinologists, gynecologists, geneticists and even a ear, nose, throat doctor.

I have been establishing care with these providers as well as finding out that I have a lipoma in my neck. It is benign, but it is near a few arteries in my neck. I am having it removed in later this month, so prayers would be appreciated! My parents are coming to join me for the surgery and my little brother will be there a few days after. I’m looking forward to having them there for the procedure and the recovery! It will make it so much easier.

I met with a genetic counselor and talked about how early I need to start screenings for certain things. They did give me a list of support groups for people who have Cowden Syndrome, if you would like to see some of those groups, let me know!

All of my providers at Duke have been wonderful and it has been so nice being able to establish care so quickly and efficiently. I feel very blessed to be taken care of so well. As I learn more about everything, I will continue to update you.

Until next time,



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