Little Brother

My little brother is more than just my little brother. He is my best friend, my confidant, my keeper of ALL secrets, and my protector. He truly is the one I turn to for absolutely everything. I know that no matter what is happening I can call him and he’ll be able to help me.


When I was younger and the doctors told my family and I that I had brain cancer, Garrett was very supportive. He wanted my parents to take me to the Cancer Center of America because he truly believed it would cure me. The more we learned about  having Cowden Syndrome, the more understanding he became that I was a little bit different than other people. Throughout our entire childhood Garrett has always supported me, no matter the circumstance.

Garrett and I weren’t always as close as we are today… We truly had to work on our relationship and understand that in the end, we’re all each other has. By remembering that and focusing on building a strong relationship, it truly made he and I, inseparable.

When he was 16 he went to military school and that was such a big step for him. He knew that military school would help him become a bigger and better person and it truly did. Military school made my brother into a man that I am more than proud to call my brother.


While he was a school we talked just about every other day, but within the last year and a half we have talked consistently everyday. Sometimes we call each other five or six times a day, just to talk. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing, we always find a way to have a conversation and catch up.

In the fall of 2017 he enlisted in the Navy and began working his butt off to make sure he got the contract he truly wanted. It was a long road from the time he enlisted until the time he left, but he made it. On June 19, he swore in and left for Navy Boot Camp. It was a proud day because we knew he truly made it and he was on to bigger and better things. When he left it was a very emotional day because we were all so proud of him.

I cannot wait to see him after bootcamp. I already know that I am going to be so proud of him and who he has become.

Garrett is my hero.


Until next time,


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