San Diego, California

San Diego is one place my family and I love to go every few years. My uncle and aunt and cousins live out there, so it’s nice when we get a chance to go see them. We’ve been going out there for as long as I can remember!

When I was in high school, I took surfing lessons for my first time with some other family members. Oh my gosh, it was so hard! Silly me thought that being a strong swimmer and water polo player would be beneficial for me, but it wasn’t. It helped me get out to where the waves were, but as far as trying to get up on the board?! Heck no. It didn’t help at all! I was so bad, it was actually kind of funny.

The day after surfing, I distinctly remember being so sore absolutely everywhere. Every step I took hurt my legs and every time I raised my arms, they hurt! It wasn’t just me in the house who was feeling that way, it was everyone who had surfed. We were all incredibly sore! I remember the bump on my arm hurting the worst it had ever hurt at that point. My bump is located on the outside of my left arm and is tangled in my muscle. Since it is in a place where the muscle is used a lot, after pushing up and down on the surf board it hurt me so much. But I didn’t complain and I continued through the following days with a big smile on my face, ’cause I was in California! We’ve taken surfing lessons a few more times since then and each time I get worse and worse. If that’s even possible! Each time we have gone surfing in San Diego, we have taken lessons from a man named Kahuna Bob. I highly recommend checking him out if you get a chance!


There is one certain restaurant my family and I have to visit every single time we go to San Diego is called Hodads. They have the best burgers, mountain high baskets of fries or onion rings and for those of us that can’t ever decide what to get, there is a basket of ‘frings’ you can get! Hodads serves the creamiest shakes that they top off with a full scoop of ice cream. Holy moly. It’s definitely worth the wait to go to Hodads.


The last time we went to San Diego we stayed in Pacific Beach right near Crystal Pier! You can actually stay in a cottage on Crystal Pier. I personally would be super scared to stay on the pier just because it’s kind of old and rickety. On the plus side, there is a really good coffee shop right near the pier called Konos Coffee. I’m pretty sure my brother and I went to this coffee shop every day for a week because it’s that good!


San Diego is one of my favorite places to go visit. If you have been before and think that you’ve seen it all, I recommend going off the typical tourist path and seeing something new! You definitely won’t regret it. I know my family doesn’t when we drive the extra couple miles.

“You are strong enough to face it all, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.”

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