Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Over Christmas break my boyfriend, Dom, and I took a trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado! Neither of us had ever been to Steamboat, so we decided to see what it’s all about. We drove from El Paso, Texas to Albuquerque, New Mexico to stay at my parents house for a night before our big adventure. From Albuquerque we drove through Trinidad, Colorado Springs, Denver and on up to Fort Collins, Colorado!

We stopped in Colorado Springs and had lunch with some of Dom’s friends from high school. It was nice to be able to see part of Colorado Springs and meet new people!

After lunch, we drove to Denver and looked around there because Dom had never been to Denver and I hadn’t been in years! We weren’t able to see much of it because we had dinner plans in Fort Collins, but we definitely plan to go back and spend a few days touring Denver.


We had dinner in Fort Collins with some family friends and then we headed to the Chocolate Cafe for dessert. I usually get the chocolate ravioli, but they were out and I almost cried. I was so sad. Dom got a German Chocolate Cake and my friend and I both got chocolate molten lava cakes and I ordered a chocolate martini, which was delicious! I definitely recommend checking out The Chocolate Cafe if you get a chance.

We had breakfast and our friend showed us around Colorado State University’s campus the day we left for Steamboat Springs! When we got on the road to Steamboat, we drove up through Laramie, Wyoming and down into Steamboat because it was only like a 20-30 minute difference to see another state!


Our stay in Steamboat was absolutely wonderful! We ate so much, relaxed and walked around downtown! We tried to go bowling one night but you had to have made reservations hours in advance… We had no idea that bowling was so popular! So we ended up walking around the ski base and sitting by a fire watching the night skiers, which was cool! It was nice to sit around a fire with Dom and just talk and enjoy the evening. Going on trips together is so relaxing Steamboat Springs is an amazing town and if you get the chance to go check it out, you should!

Until next time,



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