The bump on my arm began to grow when I was in elementary school. Being an elementary school girl with this thing the size of an egg on your arm was kind of difficult! I was always self-conscious about it. I used to have a lot of anxiety about what people might think when they saw my bump… I used to be terrified of being made fun of! For a long time I let my self-consciousness get in the way of me doing things. I didn’t want to move my arm in a certain way, in fear that somehow it would catch a certain light and people would see it and be grossed out.

I used to struggle a lot about having this syndrome. I used to be so nervous that the next bump my body decided to produce would be huge and in the center of my face! I used to be so nervous that all of a sudden I would have bigger bumps than I did before. But the more times I had to explain to people who saw my bump or who saw my scar from my thyroid surgery, the more confident I became in myself. The bigger my bump grew and the more noticeable it became, I knew I was going to have to explain what it was sooner or later.

Being diagnosed with this syndrome came with a big task… Being confident in yourself to explain to people why you have these scars, bumps and whatever else. I have grown to be confident enough to make up stories as to why I had my thyroid removed and dumb stories about the bump on my arm and leg! I have told people that friends of mine performed an emergency tracheotomy on me at a party and that they learned it from the scene in Nancy Drew where Emma Roberts has to perform one on her friend, and people actually believe me! I have told people that the bump on my arm is just a really badly pulled muscle and they think it’s true!

Having PTEN Syndrome means being comfortable enough in your own body to know that you are going to get bumps that can eventually protrude and people will notice! I have become confident enough in myself to know that I am always going to be okay. No matter what happens, I know I can count on my loved ones to be by my side!

Until next time,


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