Kauai, Hawaii 2017

When we stepped off of the airplane in Kauai it was a dream. Everywhere you looked it was green! We stayed in a cute little town house that was a five minute walk to the beach! It was so nice to be so close to the beach and to be able to go back to the house when we got too tired or too hot. Most of our time was spent snorkeling and relaxing at Poipu Beach anyway.

We drove up to Waimea Canyon one morning and explored around there. The locals call it the “Grand Canyon of Hawaii”. The canyon was beautiful! There was a waterfall we could see off in the distance and the entire canyon was SO GREEN! While we were up there we bought some fresh coconut, passion fruit and mango. Oh my gosh, that might be the best fruit I’ve ever tasted! We met a nice local while we were having lunch who gave us directions to a beach that was off the beaten path to most tourists. It was miles and miles of white, white sand beaches. At this beach there were some humongous waves! We took some snacks, lots of water, and some “adult beverages” as my parents say. We were all relaxing at one point when we heard one of the locals start to clear everyone out of the water. My parents were confused and my brother and I looked at each other like “lets go see what’s happening!” The locals were clearing everyone out of the water because they thought they saw a shark! We were in shock! We went over and looked at where they thought the shark was and it turns out it was a couple of manta rays that were about six feet across.

One of the more popular and well known hikes in Kauai is the Kalalau Trail hike along the Nā Pali Coast and we decided to do the hike one day! We made the mistake of leaving late, not bringing enough water and not wearing any sunscreen on the hike but man was it worth it! My dad, mom and brother all did well on the hike, it was pretty easy for them.  The hike was a little more difficult for me… All of the inclines and declines made it difficult on the bump on my leg. It made the bump feel so sore and so achy but the views we saw on the hike made it a little easier to cope with the pain. When we finished the hike, we were all exhausted, ready for lunch and some water!

Nā Pali Coast

More pictures down below!

One of our final days in Kauai we went river kayaking and let me just tell you… That was a sight for sore eyes. For some reason we thought it was a good idea to put my mom and I in a kayak together and that was awful. She and I went back and forth, and back and forth across the river… I’m pretty sure we kayaked double the amount of my dad and brother that day! There was a stopping point where we parked our kayaks and hiked to a waterfall! After the hike we traded kayak partners, so I was with my dad and my mom was with my brother. What a world of a difference that made!

Later that night we attended the Smith Family Luau and that was so cool! There was a buffet with so much delicious food. There was poi, pork, salads, sweet bread and much more! Once we finished eating we were guided to the stage where everyone sat and watched the performances. The luau dancers, both men and women were beautiful and so talented!

We spent our last day in Kauai by the beach and it was the most relaxing way to end a beautiful vacation. Kauai was an absolute dream and I hope to visit again soon.

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