Does it hurt?

A question I am frequently asked when people see the bump on my arm is “does that hurt?!” Most of the time I tell people that it only hurts when you touch it. After people finish marveling at the bump on my arm, they ask if I have any others. So I feel like I am inclined to tell them about the bump on my leg and they ask the same question “does that hurt?!” I tell them once again, that it only hurts when you touch it. But that’s not the truth, the truth is that the bumps hurt almost constantly.
There are days where I cannot seem to find a pain killer that will help me. Sometimes I just want to stay in bed all day with heating pads on my bumps because that minimizes the pain. For a while I was taking anywhere from 600-800mg of Advil/Ibuprofen a day to make the pain stop! A friend of mine told me about CBD oil and try and use that to help with my pain.
I bought the oil and starting using it. It took a couple days for it to really start working and let me tell you… The oil freaking awesome! I take 6 drops every night and I don’t have to take pain killers as often as I was before. Now I only take pain killers when I truly need them!
Though these bumps hurt almost constantly, I do my best to not let them define my day. This syndrome is just part of me. It doesn’t define who I am.
Until next time,

6 thoughts on “Does it hurt?

  1. Has your medical team been able to find out what the bump is? Is it an AVM? I’m sorry if I missed the post just found your blog now. Oh, and would you be willing (is it OK?) if I added you to my blog roll? I have a page of all those who have CS too who have Social Media, etc. Thank you!


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