Hi everyone!

 I’m Leah and I was diagnosed with a very rare syndrome called Cowdens over ten years ago. Crazy right!? Cowdens syndrome happens when your PTEN gene is damaged, which is the gene that blocks the growth of tumors. When this gene is damaged it causes what I like to call “lumps and bumps” to grow. I have a few lumps and bumps of my own, which hurt a lot but you learn to deal with it. They just become a part of you but you can’t let them stop you from doing everyday activities.​

I want to share about this syndrome and how it has a positive influence on my life. I’ll be sharing how I relieve the pain from my lumps and bumps. Adventures that I’ve been on and activities that I’ve accomplished with Cowdens.

If you have any questions about Cowdens or just want to chat about adventures, shoot me an email!